Lily Martinez is an exceptional artist, who has blessed many through her talent. She is truly a passionate woman of God. She allows Him to be her guide in all aspects of her life, and this is clear in her painting. I love that she is able to surrender her talent to God and give Him all the glory. I pray that God will continue to bless others through Lily.                                    

Pam M,

I absolutely adore the painting that I have from Lily. The colors jump out at me, and it fits beautifully in my living room. I always feel like I am a great art collector when I look at my wall. Lily is an amazing artist and her beauty flows through her work and her life!

Ginger O.

Lily's prophetic art is joyful and alive!  It speaks.  My piece is of a tree with a splash colour, standing firm in every kind of weather. It reminds me that we are over-comers in every season when we are "planted by the river" (Psalm 1).  


I find Lily's art to be full of passion and meaning.  One of the pieces that I own spoke to me during a time of change and refinement. What I love about Lily as an artist is her surrender to the Holy Spirit, she paints as he leads, often not knowing who the painting will speak to. I am amazed at the many interpretations people have of her paintings.  Her paintings are inspired and beyond beautiful, as one not only gets a sense of the natural but of the supernatural as well.

Josi P.

I love the painting that I have from Lily. I love how she added the texture and her use of color really pops out! I hang the painting in my hallway and it really catches the eye!

Zeljka P.

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