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Addicted to Love is a powerful testimonial that tells of how a businesswoman turned stay at home mom, discovers her worth and calling in life.  Lily talks about how she experienced the power of God’s love in an intimate way.   Follow Lily’s journey to being freed from a strong fear of rejection, conquering a long battle with depression and overcoming a fierce struggle with weight, and how she was finally freed from the shameful cycle of dieting.  Lily shares the story of how her marriage went from being wonderful, to being on the verge of divorce, and how through her commitment, determination, and with the power of God’s healing love, she managed to salvage her marriage.  This book is a must read for every woman who is looking for true love, and meaning in her life.  

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Have you ever felt pressured to fit into a specific mould of a woman?  Are you trying to fight against the norms of society to prove yourself as a worthy individual?  Being a woman is not easy today, nor has it ever been.  Every since the birth of humanity women have been misunderstood and misrepresented. It is time for women to discover their importance in this world so they can live with meaning and purpose.

Being a woman is indeed a calling.  Lily takes a close look at what God’s perfect plan is for women.  She touches on many hot topics such as: cultural influences on women, women in the workplace, women in marriages, women in the church, women’s sexuality, and motherhood.  Drawing from the vast wisdom found in God’s Holy Word, Lily answers many questions and dispels many myths about womanhood.  Lily also shares her personal experiences from her own journey of uncovering her true worth and calling as a woman of God. 

This book is highly recommended for women of all ages who are on all walks of life.  It is also very educational for men who want to better understand and appreciate their mother, sister, girlfriend or wife. 

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