Lily Martinez

      Lily Martinez was born in 1978 in Ottawa, Ontario, (nee Lily Nesrallah). As a young child, Lily enjoyed drawing, painting and sketching.  At the age of ten Lily moved to Kitchener, Ontario where she got married and had her three children.   
Lily graduated college with a diploma in Material Management (business), and worked in business for three years as a supply chain coordinator, before she decided to leave her career to stay home with her children.  After leaving behind her life as a businesswoman, Lily rediscovered her love for art, and started painting with acrylics. Lily is inspired by the divine beauty in nature, and likes to use a lot of colour and texture. Lily’s style is somewhere in between impressionistic and abstract, although not restricted to these styles. 
       In 2015 Lily moved with her family to Nicaragua.  In Nicaragua Lily continues to paint as well as teach and preach.     Lily is always willing to support a worthy cause.  She has donated several of her paintings to various charities and fundraisers. Lily has also written two books: "Addicted to Love" and "Called to Be a Woman", and is in the process of finishing her third book: "Convicted".  
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